Anecdotal Records

Significant incidents or specific, observable behaviours can be recorded by teachers in anecdotal records. These records provide cumulative information about students' development in the learning objectives of the language arts as well as their physical and social growth and development. By systematically collecting and analyzing anecdotal comments, teachers can evaluate students' progress and abilities to use language and then plan appropriate instruction.


Teacher Note:

Anecdotal comments may be recorded on post-it notes and then affixed to a large chart that lists the students and the days of the week. At the end of the week, the recorded information is transferred to each student's file and the chart is reused the following week.

Monday - prefers to work alone

- having difficulty with report
- conference Tues.

Tuesday       - editing story with J.R.'s help  

- working on sorting ideas
- prioritizing, outlining


- great group discussion
-shared ideas

Thursday - 15th entry in Reading Log
- chose first biography
  - reviewed writing portfolio and evaluated 4 pieces    

(Saskatchewan Education English Language Arts, June 1992)