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Title of Project : Animals - Fish - Grade One
Lesson 2: What are the Main Parts of a Fish?
Students will:
- learn parts of fish
- use the computer as a learning tool
Instructional Methods:
- cooperative learning
Materials Needed:
- chart paper 
- Internet site bookmarked - Fish Parts
- worksheet
Activities Prior to Computer:
- Tell students they will be  looking at the picture of a fish on the Internet
- They will be using it to help them label their own fish picture
Activities While at the Computer:
- Click on the title of the Internet site below:(already bookmarked)
Fish Parts
 -In small groups (4-6), with aid of reader or an adult, look at the picture of the fish on the bookmarked Internet site.
- Decide where the following part are located: 
1. mouth    2.  eye   3. fin   4. gills   5. tail 
- Label their picture of a fish (worksheet)
Activities For After Using the Computer:
-  The teacher can make a large fish picture together as a class, label the various parts.
Student Assessment:
Hold a teacher conference with a small group of  4-6 students about their fish picture.  Ask them to:
* describe each part of the fish
- Make anecdotal notes during this conference noting such things as:
* Did the student use the computer with some assistance to gather information?
* Did the student include all parts of the fish?
* Are the parts of the fish labelled correctly?
Additional Resources:
Cool Kids Fishin' (
Fish FAQ (

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