What is Computer Assisted Instruction?

Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) refers to instruction or remediation presented on a computer.

What is its purpose?

Computer programs can allow students to progress at their own pace and work individually or problem solve in a group. Computers provide immediate feedback, letting students know whether their answer is correct. If the answer is not correct, the program shows students how to correctly answer the question. Computers offer a different type of activity and a change of pace from teacher-led or group instruction. Also, computer-assisted instruction moves at the students’ pace and usually does not move ahead until they have mastered the skill.

How do I do it?

Typically CAI programs incorporate functions such as:

  • Assessing student capabilities with a pre-test
  • Presenting educational materials in a navigable form
  • Providing repetitive drills to improve the student's command of knowledge
  • Providing game-based drills to increase learning enjoyment
    Assessing student progress with a post-test
  • Routing students through a series of courseware instructional programs.
  • Recording student scores and progress for later inspection by a courseware instructor.



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