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History Editorial Assignment

This assignment requires you to prepare an editorial article for a fictitious magazine called High School History. The editorial must be on a topic discussed in Unit Five: Global Issues. Topics from that unit include: the spread of nuclear weapons, events in the Persian Gulf, the population explosion, environment issues, poverty, human rights issues, and the treatment of indigenous people around the world.

You may select the type of editorial you will write. Brief descriptions of the three main types of editorials are outlined below:

1. Editorials that Explain
An editorial that explains attempts to inform the reader about an issue, as opposed to arguing a specific point of view. Opinions of the author are expressed in the way that information or facts are presented throughout the article. The evidence used to prove a point, therefore, expresses the opinion.

2. Editorials that Evaluate
An editorial that evaluates focuses on an event or situation that the author believes is wrong or needs to be improved. Criticism must be presented in a constructive or positive way or you run the risk of losing your audience. Offering an alternative solution to the problem or situation would be required in an editorial of this nature.

3. Editorials that Persuade
An editorial that persuades presents a specific solution to a problem. This type of article demands that immediate action be taken to fix the situation. An editorial of this nature would attempt to bring changes in the policy of an organization or nation.

Based upon the resource hot sheets provided for Unit Five, prepare a 500-word editorial on a topic of your choice. Clearly identify the type of editorial you will be writing, and the topic you have selected. Remember to stay inside of the boundaries of the editorial you have selected.