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History Trading Cards Assignment

The Super Sport Trading Card Company has been a leading manufacture of baseball and hockey trading cards. It has come to the attention of the President and Chief Executive Officer, Edward McKinnon, that students today are becoming more and more interested in world history. To meet the increasing demand for new and exciting trading cards, he has decided to release a limited edition set of historical cards.

As part of the limited edition series, McKinnon has stated that he would like to develop a "Five Great Leaders of the 20th Century Series," along with a "Five of the Most Influential Events of the 20th Century Series." The idea will be to produce a ten-card set with bubble gum to be sold in stores across the nation. If the series becomes popular, he will expand the idea to other historical eras.

Due to your expertise in the field of History 20, you have been selected to identify, design and produce the history series for the Super Sport Trading Card Company. The guidelines for your work are provided below:

1. Select five great leaders from the 20th century.

2. Select five of the most influential events to have occurred during the 20th century.

3. Create a trading card that provides background to your topic.

4. Provide a brief report that clearly outlines and defends each selection that you have made for the series. The report should include your rationale for why you selected the individuals and events that you did. Be sure to set up criteria for your selections before you begin your research.

5. Design for front of card:
a. Must have the title of the series.
b. Name of individual or event.
c. An appropriate graphic in black and white.

6. Design for back of card
a. Must have the name of individual or event
b. Provide a brief history of the individual or event that has been selected. Be sure to include biographical information, statistics, and important dates. This area should address the who, what, where and why of each selection.

Keep in mind that Mr. McKinnon will evaluate you for your ability to write your supporting report, the design of your cards, and the accuracy of your research. Keep in mind, that if you do a good job, you may be hired to do the next set in the series. Good luck.