Interactive lessons for understanding coordinates on maps

This page offers interactive Flash based activities to help the user gain a number of skills in understanding maps. These activities can be used by a teacher as a demonstration tool or by the student in the classroom or at home. There are three lessons available. Clicking on the links to the left will bring up the activities.

  • Activity 1: Using grid lines - this short activity is designed to help the student understand the basics of using grid lines.
  • Activity 2: A tour of Saskatoon - building on the skills acquired in lesson one, this longer activity asks the student to use their knowledge to take a tour of the city of Saskatoon. The activity uses a combination of an interactive grid map, interesting aerial photography and multiple choice questions to lead the user on a tour of the city.
  • Activity 3: World Maps - this activity explains and/or strengthens the understanding of coordinates on a standard map. Terms defined and reinforced include latitude, longitude, meridians, equator and hemisphere.
  • Glossary - This link opens a page with an explanation of important terms.

The activities on this site require the free Macromedia Flash plugin. It can be downloaded by clicking below.