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Welcome to the Online Teacher's Kit

Here you will find downloads and activities that can be used in the classroom to supplement the interactive tour. Consider using the interactive tour as an individual center activity and the additional activities below for use in other centers. These additional activities either provide background information for the tour or extend learning opportunities.

Please note: If students walk the tour themselves, these activities can be used to extend their learning.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A MOVIE ABOUT SASKATOON'S HISTORY! After watching the movie, a timeline activity and a cloze activity can be completed by students.

WATCH REMEMBER ME: LOCAL WAR HEROES and MEMORIALS! Then - visit HERO Central for a variety of activities (K-9) to support your hero study!

Pre or Post Tour
PDF File or WORD Document Download
Pre Tour Prediction: Look at photographs and make predictions about what types of building you are looking at. WORD or PDF
Pre or Post Tour Dictionary Skills: Looking up new words to understand content. WORD or PDF
Pre or Post Tour Background Information - John Lake and the Temperance Colony. WORD or PDF
Pre or Post Tour Thinking About Names - Learn more about how and why things are named what they are. WORD or PDF
Pre or Post Tour Railroads - How they changed the way Saskatoon grew. WORD or PDF
Pre or Post Tour Learn more about Chief Whitecap and the Dakota-Sioux. WORD or PDF
Post Tour Make a historical tour brochure. WORD or PDF
Post Tour If You're Not From the Prairie - If You're Not From Saskatoon - Writing Activity WORD or PDF
Take the Tour This station would be the tour itself - entire class projection tour or as an individual center.

Begin The Tour

Post Tour Class ABC Book - Historical Saskatoon. This list gives ideas for an Alphabet Book class project. WORD or PDF

TEACHERS: If you have an activity you would like to add, please e-mail berthelotj@spsd.sk.ca.












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