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 A WebQuest by A. Junk

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Have you ever thought about taking a trip across Canada? Well, here is your chance! You and a group of classmates will be part of a team that collects information for making maps in order to prepare a magazine article for the Canadian Geographic. You will also prepare a tourist guide for a province or territory that your team finds particularly interesting.



Your first job is to prepare thematic maps of Canada. The themes include: climate, natural resources, population and physical regions of Canada. Each member of your team is responsible for collecting information on one theme and answering several related questions. Your second job is to write an article for the Canadian Geographic magazine relating interesting facts about these themes and explaining how they are related to each other. Finally, you and your team will choose a province or territory to explore in depth. You will try to convince your other classmates that this province or territory is the best tourist destination in Canada. You will share your information in a brochure or poster of tourist sites that your team recommends. After oral presentations, the class will vote on the most exciting tourist destination.



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 Northwest Territories


 British Columbia






New Brunswick

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island


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1. Each team member will chose a geographic theme to research. Click on your choice and answer the questions. Your answers are to be handed in to the teacher at the end of your WebQuest.

Themes:   physical regions    climate      natural resources    population

2. When your research is finished, share your information with your team members. Together, discuss possible links that you have noticed among the themes. Then write one article for the Canadian Geographic.

3. As a team, choose a province or territory to explore. What interesting things are there to see or do? Make a tourist guide (a brochure or poster) to display the information you have found on at least five interesting tourist sites. You could also include interesting facts.

4. Make an interesting oral presentation about your province or territory to the class.



Here is a rubric that will be used to evaluate your work.


Upon completion of this WebQuest, you will have:


Are your ready?   Bon voyage!

Updated: 2002.06.04
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