Each group will be graded using the following rubric. It is important to work as a team.














Your plan does not really relate to your group's interests.
You have a plan that addresses your groups's interests.

Your plan is not described in detail. You did not answer all the questions.

Your plan provides a creative idea for a summer trip and addresses your group's main interests. You answered all the questions.

Wow! Great plan!

You addressed your group's interests and planned a fun vacation to different places. You answered all the questions in great detail.



Communicating Ideas



The plan was not persuasive, and did not link the group's interests to the places.

The trip will not be taken because you did not convince your parents that it would be interesting.

You definitely have some ideas to share, but your group has trouble putting all of the pieces together.

Your parents will probably not select the plan because they were confused..

Your presentation is clear and organized.

Your parents could see the link between members' interests and the place you chose.

You clearly stated why you chose the place you did.

Your parents might be convinced to adopt the plan.

You have sold your parents on the plan.

You were not only clear and organized, but persuasive as well! You clearly stated why you chose the places you did and why you didn't choose the others.


You did not work together to do your best on this project.

Disagreements and disrespectful interactions got in the way of doing a good job.

You did not always work cooperatively.

You needed the teacher's help to solve disagreements.

You all participated in this project, and shared the work equally.

You solved disagreements respectfully

You used one another's strengths

You used your disagreements as opportunities to solve problems and reach new understandings.

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