Environmental Awareness

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Puzzles - These vary in difficulty. Download the exe file and have some fun.
Word searches
Related Website's  

Our Senses - This website has great experiments for exploring the senses.

The All-Star River Explorers - Although US based - this site has great information you can adapt and use. The All-Star River Explorers is designed to introduce students to the basics of hydrology and increase their understanding of how rivers are formed and their importance in our lives. Activities will enhance student’s skills in math, science, language arts, social studies, and art.

Nature Notes and A Walk in the Woods- Are very informational and multi-dynamic. Plan to spend lots of time here. Make the most of it with a digital projector so you can view this and discuss this site as a class. A great way to prepare or follow up after your own walk in the woods.

Weather One - Weather has a great impact on our everyday lives. It determines what clothes we wear, and what plants we can grow.

Environmental Education (Wind Cave National Park) - These resources are based on the park, but many of the activities per grade level can be easily adapted to your needs.