Students MUST understand that they have the POWER to make a POSITIVE difference. It's all about the choices they make.
Every person who is a bystander, needs to make a committment to never stand by and just laugh. Your group has the most POWER to STOP BULLYING.
Please feel free to email to contribute links or resources to this website. It is only the beginning!!


A Better World has been created to provide you with a place to begin gathering resources and ideas for your school's character education /safe schools/ positive school climate and positive citizenship priorities.

Join the League of Peaceful Schools
The League of Peaceful Schools has been developed to provide support and recognition to the growing number of schools which have declared a commitment to creating a safe and peaceful environment for their students.

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SPS Bullying and Harassment Statement / Procedures September 26, 2006

Currently, SPS has over twenty schools that have identified Character Education / Safe Schools / Positve School Climate and Citizenship as a staff development priority. I hope that the resources collected within this site provide you (the teachers and administrators) with time saving, meaningful resources that can assist you in reaching your goals.

Imagine this ....

"... I was supervising at recess when I noticed, in the distance, one of the Grade 5 students standing with her arm raised out in front of her—the school’s sign for help when someone is being bullied. As I came closer, I saw a group of three students surrounding a new Grade 3 student, taunting and making fun of him. The student who had raised her arm had noticed this and moved closer to stand next to the student in distress. Then, one by one, other students began to join her and formed a protective circle around the new student. They raised their arms and silently faced the bullying students, indicating quietly and without confrontation that the bullying behaviour was not okay. Without further incident, the group of students doing the bullying moved away and left the area. The other students invited the new student to join in their game and they all walked away together. Before I could even reach the group, the students had resolved the bullying situation themselves."

From Heart of the Matter

If your school (within SPS) uses a specific program and you would like someone to research additional resources that support your specific program, please contact Jennifer Berthelot at about your specific needs.

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