Suggested Websites with Online Activities:

The websites outlined below have been selected for kindergarten and grade one students. In many cases, they are part of a larger site. However, the larger sites can be confusing and many contain elements that are too advanced for our early users, therefore, we have linked directly to the activity we recommend to avoid any confusion finding the suggested item or activity. We hope that these recommendations can be of help as you introduce your students to computers in education!

  • Kinderweb Free Children's Games:This website not only teaches colors, shapes and animal names, but also helps to teach young users the basics of how to use a computer such as using a mouse.
  • Clifford The Bid Red Dog (from Read and listen to Clifford stories or play a game
  • Building Language for Literacy (from Three animal characters ask students to drag and drop images. Audio feedback helps students build vocabulary, identify letters and sounds, and match rhyming words.
  • Activities to Practice Small Motor Skills - Controlling a mouse
  • What is different?: This game presents a series of different images and it asks which is different.
  • Find the right shape: Three shapes are presented and a voice asks the child to pick out which one is being asked for.
  • Fish Count: Count the fish shown, then click on the shell with the correct number. This game has 10 questions. Narrated
  • Count the Ants!: Count items;click on the number that match the amount. 1-10. Narrated
  • Learn To Read: A selection of fifteen interactive stories for grades
    K through 2 is available here, with appropriate themes to meet students' interest levels and focusing on different vowels and consonant blends. Music and phonics rules introduce the story, then students will click to read by themselves. Learning games are included with each of the stories.
  • NFB Kids - Ludovic: This interactive website is divided into eight zones organized around the theme of the seasons and Ludovic's immediate environment. The animated presentation of each season ends with a rhyme which can be printed out and used as a story.
  • PBS for Kids Site Colouring With Arthur: This site requires the Free Macromedia Flash Player. Students can practice their mouse skills while coloring online. Students also gain some knowledge about what items they may click on for more information.
  • Berenstain Bears - What's Wrong With this Picture? This site provides students with various scenes to analyze. Students make observations about what items are out of place and then click on them. The computer will circle them for the student. Once the student has found all the errors, they are congratulated and may select another scene.
  • Clifford: Online NARRATED Stories for Kids: Students pick one of the books they would like to read. If students cannot read, they may click on the words to have it read to them. Students may also click on the red words to have the characters do various actions.
  • Clifford Matching Game: Colours - Students must click on the character that holds the balloon that matches Clifford's. Fully narrated!
  • George Shrinks Memory Quest: An online version of the card game memory. Easy to play and understand.
  • Sesame Street - Learning About Letters & Numbers: Cookie Monster can only eat the cookies that start with the correct letter. Students help feed the Cookie Monster as they learn about letters. Students can count along with the Count as they click on items on the screen. The numbers and letters change often.
  • Words and Pictures: From the BBC, this site may require some support but several of the activities are worthwhile.
  • Little Fingers Software: This site has a page full of games for young children. Some have narration and some do not.
  • Clifford Interactive: Phonics Fun: narration helps students build words with vowels. Good activity!
  • Little People - shapes: Students colour shapes a colour specified by the narrator.
  • Paw Park: Alphabetizing the bears so they can ride the cars at the park. Narration and directions are clear.

Please submit your tips and or site suggestions to to see them added here for others to enjoy!


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