Who knew that the word psychedelic was coined in Saskatchewan? That the roots of Beaver Lumber go back to 1906 in Wolseley, Saskatchewan? That in 1911 Saskatchewan's Big River sawmill was the biggest in the British Commonwealth?

New centennial exhibits at the four Western Development Museums in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatoon and Yorkton will be teaming with firsts and foremosts, biggest and bests - all from Saskatchewan.

In 2005, the province of Saskatchewan celebrates a landmark. We will be 100 years old. To celebrate this momentous event, the WDM will open four inspiring new exhibits telling the stories of Saskatchewan.

At the Moose Jaw WDM, watch for stories which show how Saskatchewan people have beaten the challenges of our vast geography and our temperamental climate. We've built roads and vehicle for off-road. We've navigated the waterways and airways. You can even try your hand at landing a float plane. Discover resilient adaptation to unpredictable Saskatchewan weather. Be proud of Saskatchewan's long march to Medicare.

At the North Battleford WDM, explore the natural bounty of the province. Take a ride down a mineshaft to explore the wonders beneath our feet. Discover the inventive genius of Saskatchewan farmers and scientists who have made innovations in agriculture synonymous with Saskatchewan. Learn about the rich legacy of First Nations cultures.

Take a journey, hand in hand, with a family who immigrates to Saskatchewan in 1905 - at the Saskatoon WDM. Follow 100 years of farm family life, from the days of horse and wagon to the ATVs and SUVs of today. Enter their first home, a sod shack, then visit a 1920s fair, where the newest gadgets will tempt you. Suffer through the years of drought and depression, then rejoice as the world turns to better times.

At the Yorkton WDM, enter a real log house, built on the prairie before the province was born, to get a sense of the mixture of uncertainty and hope that people felt 100 years ago. Hop aboard a steamship, a train or a plane to discover the journeys thousands of people have made in search of a better life in Saskatchewan. Enjoy a look at the games we play, at the communities we build and nourish, at the fun we have all year long.

Saskatchewan is a wonderful place, brimming with wonderful people. In 2005, celebrate the people we are today - at all four Western Development Museum sites. Visit Winning The Prairie Gamble: The Saskatchewan Story and celebrate Saskatchewan's centennial.

In addition to the Winning the Prairie Gamble Exhibits, Education Programs
at the WDM include:

The four Western Development Museum branches located in Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatoon and Yorkton offer a range of educational opportunities. WDM Education programs include curriculum-related information with reference to artifacts, and often provide students with hands-on experience. The following is a list of educational programs available through the WDM:

  • Saskatchewan 1905-2005 Guide for Teachers and Discovery Box Programs have been developed to accompany the centennial exhibits. Ask you local WDM for more information.
  • Wheels & Runners (Grades 2 & 3) - A teacher-led program that features a hands-on artifact component, Museum tour and take home craft. The program explores the story of transportation and its role in the development of Saskatchewan communities. Available at the Moose Jaw, North Battleford, Saskatoon and Yorkton WDMs.
  • Load of Nonsense (Grades 3-8) - A teacher-led artifact game of truth or lie with an immigration theme. The program places students in the role of early settlers, who work together as immigrants on a journey to reach Saskatchewan. Available at the Moose Jaw and Yorkton WDMs.
  • ABC Box (Grades K-6) - A scripted teacher-led program featuring an artifact for every letter of the alphabet. Available at the Moose Jaw, Saskatoon and Yorkton WDMs.
  • In a Prairie Attic (Grade 8) - A teacher and staff led program exploring the different roles of the individual in society with reference to the In a Prairie Attic: Bladon Family Toys travelling exhibit. The program and exhibit are currently available at the Yorkton WDM.
  • Guided Museum Tours - General tours of all four WDMs can be arranged. Please book at least two weeks in advance.
  • Scavenger Hunts - For self-guided tours of the Museum we recommend activity sheets. Several levels of scavenger hunts are available to focus and challenge your students at all WDM branches.
    Domestic Demonstrations - Program add-ons at all WDM branches include ice cream and butter making. Rope making and candle making are also available at the Yorkton WDM. Additional fees apply.

For more information regarding booking, please contact:

  • A limited number of bookings are available each day. Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis. Bookings should be made at least three weeks in advance for education programs and two weeks in advance for tours. However, all requests will be accommodated if possible. For booking information or to make arrangements to visit a WDM exhibit branch, please contact the Education Coordinators directly.
    • Moose Jaw WDM - Jackie Hall 693-5989
    • North Battleford WDM - Cheryl Stewart 445-8033
    • Saskatoon WDM - Corinne Daelick/Brenda Mundell 931-1910 or
    • Yorkton WDM - Carla Madsen 783-8361