HyperStudio presentation
  1. Each scientist will need to make a storyboard layout each for the three cards within your group's stack.
  2. Click here to print out the storyboard templates.
  3. Each card should have a title, some text, at least one graphic or drawing, a button and sound. Each card should give a summary of the interesting facts.
  4. Remember to turn your jot notes into complete sentences. Write three or four good sentences on your card. Use capital letters and periods appropriately.
  5. Remember you must include a drawing or graphic along with your written information on each card.
  6. Peer conference with another  team to edit your storyboards.
  7. Then conference with your teacher.
  8. Now design your HyperStudio stack.
  9. Practise  your presentation with your partner. Decide on who is reading what cards.  Use a clear, loud voice.  Make eye contact with your audience.
  10. To make sure you are fully prepared for your presentation, read over the evaluation rubric below.
Click here to see the evaluation rubric.

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