Endangered Animals WebQuest

A WebQuest of Grade 3 students
(Science / Language Arts)

designed by Judy Byers

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Help!  Time is running out for the world's endangered species.  You are about to take a trip across North America.   Why are some animals on the endangered species list?  What is being done to protect them?

The Task

Your job is to report about an endangered animal of North America. You will be working as a team with another scientist.  You will need to present your final report to the  Conservation Committee to bring more awareness about the situation of these animals in North America.

The Process

1.  First you will be assigned to a team by your teacher.
2.  Each of you will need to pick  a role of a scientist.  In order to find out the responsibilities of each scientist, click on the name of the scientist.

3.  Once each of you have picked a role, start gathering your information and most of all, have fun!  Remember to use only jot notes in your data collection.
4.  Click on the name of the animal that you want to research. These are some endangered animals that you may see in North America.
Peregrine Falcon 
Whooping Cranes
Burrowing Owl 
Swift Fox

5.  There are three web sites for you to visit for each animal. Read the information on the first web site and make jot notes under the correct headings. Work together to decide where the jot notes should go.
6. When you have finished reading the first Web Site, go on to the second Web site.  Read the information and decide if there is any new information that should be added to your report.
7.  Do the same for the third Web Site.
8.  Now your team is ready to write the rough draft for your presentation.
9.  You may choose to do your presentation in one of three different formats: a PowerPoint  or  HyperStudio presentation or an oral presentation using visual aids.
10.  Click here to get the steps for your presentation:
         * PowerPoint presentation
         * HyperStudio presentation
         * Oral Report
11.  Share your presentation with the Publication Committee (the class).


The information you gathered and your presentation on your animal will be evaluated. Your teacher will  evaluate your work on your webquest using these forms.


During your webquest, you have learned much about an endangered animal.  There is much more that we can learn about the status of animals and the human connection to them. How can you use the information gathered in your webquest to educate the public about endangered animals?  Can you find other web sites that will be useful to your lifelong learning about threatened and endangered animals? Can you locate picture books,novels and poems about endangered animals?  How does the animal behave in the book or poem?  How much is that like the real animal?  What characteristics has the author chosen to highlight?  Why?  Write a response to your selection in your Journal.

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