Oral Presentation
  1. Using the jot notes from your Data Collection Sheets, each scientist will need write a paragraph for each topic that you collected jot notes for. Use looseleaf for rough draft.
  2. Remember to write in complete sentences using your jot notes.  Use capital letters and periods appropriately.
  3. Peer conference with another  team to edit your rough copy. Then conference with your teacher.
  4. Rewrite your final report in your neatest printing or handwriting.
  5. You need to make visual aids for your presentation. This could be a shoe box diorama, poster, picture display, mobile, animal puppet, models of animal, photographs or your own choice (be creative!) You may work together with your partner or work separately.
  6. Practise presenting your report with your partner. Decide on who is reading what pages.  Use a clear, loud voice.  Make eye contact with your audience. Hold your paper still and away from your face.
  7. To make sure you are fully prepared for your presentation, read over the evaluation rubric below.
Click here to see the evaluation rubric.
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