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How can Grade 6-9 Math Extensions be used to:

Support classroom activities/learning?
The topics within this site have teacher-faciliated lesson plans and printable resources for students. By using a digital projector, Flash movies, online quizzes, graphing activites and other items can be projected to the entire class. Interactive online learning activites are a great wat to use that one computer or pod of computers in the classroom. These activities are also suitable for mini or full computer labs. Online resources can be used to supplement current curriculum and also provide enrichment or modification. You will find that these activites use a variety of instructional strategies and appeal to a vareity of leanring styles and needs.

Support parental involvement in a child's learning and support students with their homework or learning beyond the classroom?
The various modules or lessons can be printed off and sent home for homework. Also, teachers may wish to include the web address to a particular activity in a classroom newsletter or on a class website for students to complete at home. Children away form school due to illness can use this resource to keep ontop of their studies as well. The site also works well when used as an enrichment or practice activity.

Support professional development?
Teachers who are not familiar with the math curriculum (new teachers, teaching a new grade level) can refer to this resource to get a better understanding of how the various concepts can be introduced. Teachers wishing to make better use of technology will find these resources easy to use and technically easy to follow, allowing them to try new things in the classroom. Also , the site has a great collection of math lessons that can enable teachers to add vareity to classroom teaching.