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What is an Online Learning Activity?
Online Learning Activities are activities that are completed while on the computer. These activities include games, interactive tools, web quests, research and discovery learning activities. For proper viewing, some of these activities may require plug-ins (Flash, Quicktime, etc). You may require notebooks and pencils to record information as you work through the activities.

Online Learning Activities for Length

  • Practicing Perimeter (GM 44): This activity uses an interactive tool to give students practice determining the perimeter of various shapes. Students are able to check their work as they go along.
  • Pythagorean Theorem (GM 52): Student will use a Pythagorean Explorer to create various right triangles with 1 unknown side-length. They are asked to calculate the length of one unknown side using Pythagorean's Theorem. A virtual calculator is provided to assist with calculations.
  • Using a Virtual Geoboard to Explore Length and Area (GM 44, GM 48, GM 51): Students are required to use the virtual geoboard to create various shapes. Using the geoboard to get some of the required measurements, students are to use formulas to determine final measurements (length, area, and perimeter).
  • Magic Ruler: This activity gives students practice measuring objects using a virtual drag and drop ruler. This requires the flash plug in to work properly. Examines polygons and circles.
  • Perimeter of Polygons : Understand the concept of perimeter , find the perimeter of various polygons and regular polygons, and express the answer using the proper units. (GM 48)
    • Challenge Exercises: Solve 10 additional problems that challenge students' understanding of perimeter and area of polygons. Problems are drawn from real-life situations. To hone students' problem-solving skills.
    • Solutions: Review complete solutions to all exercises presented. Includes the problem, solution, final answer and units for each exercise.