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These activities are downloadable activities that will allow you practice angles and line concepts AWAY from the computer. Simply click on one of the links below to access the various activities. You will need to have access to a printer. Each activity represents the concepts for angles and lines introduced by grade level. If you are in a higher grade you might use the others as review material.

Activity PDF Format
Displacement Activity: This activity encourages students to explore the relationship between displacement and volume.
Exploring Volume: The objective of this activity is explore volume. You will explore what happens to the volume of an object when one dimension is changed, you will estimate, compare and calculate volume of objects.
Volume: Students must design containers and determine the most cost-effective ones to reproduce. Students examine the relationship between volume, surface area, height and radius of a cylinder.
Changing Dimensions: In this activity students learn what happens to the volume of a solid if one or more of its dimensions are changed.