Geometry and Measurement: Area
Exploring Surface Area and Volume

Using the scroll bars, please centre the Surface Area and Volume Explorer in the window to your right.

The objective of this activity is explore the relationship between surface area and volume. Also, you will discover patterns that enable you to create a formula for finding surface area and volume.

Materials: You will need to print the following worksheets to keep at the computer with you as you work through the activities.


  1. Print off the worksheets, find Worksheet A and follow these directions.
    • Using the Explorer create 5 triangular prisms and 5 rectangular prisms. As you do so, record the measurements for surface area, volume, height and depth in the chart on Worksheet A.
    • Once you have completed your chart, examine your measurements and try to determine a pattern that may help you create a formula for determining the volume or surface area.
    • Please record your reasoning on the worksheet in the space provided.
  2. Find Worksheet B. This worksheet will walk you though an exploration of surface area and volume. It will focus your exploration of these concepts and encourage your to apply previous knowledge to solve some problems.

The Surface Area and Volume explorer was created by The Shodor Foundation.