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What is a Flash Learning Object?
Flash Learning Objects are learning activities or movies created in a program called Flash. These Learning Objects require a Flash Player for viewing. Some of the Flash Learning Objects may include some aspects of interactivity, while others may run more like a movie that students watch to gain an understanding of a particular concept.

Flash Learning Objects for Polygons

  • Polygons Module - This extended flash module covers the Gr 6-9 concepts related to the description and characteristics of polygons. Included are polygons up to 8 sides with a detailed description of triangle and quadrilaterals. Interactive elements include the ability to manipulate a protractor on screen. (credit to David Bryce for initial component)
    • Dial-up version - limited sound best suited to slower connections.
    • Full version - this module includes speech and a volume control. It is best suited to faster connections. It can be used with slower connections but will take some time to load.
  • Understanding and Drawing Scale Polygons - Using scale modeling as an example, this Flash animation reviews the concepts of scale and ratio and provides a step by step instructions in how to draw a similar polygon. This presentation can be used in conjunction with an included teacher facilitated lesson.
  • Polygon Quiz - This short quiz covers many of the basic concepts from grades 6-9. It employs true and false, fill in the blank, drag and drop plus click and choose interactions. Upon completion students receive a score. Some questions will be beyond the ability of the younger students. They may still take the quiz by giving each questions an attempt and them moving on.