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What is a Teacher Facilitated Lesson?

Teacher Facilitated lessons are lessons that can be downloaded from the internet to your own computer for use in the classroom. These activities offer opportunities for students learn particular math concepts either AT the computer or AWAY from the computer. These lessons are facilitated by the teacher to some degree.

These files are available to you in both the WORD (.doc) and PDF format so that you can take the activity "as is" (PDF) or take it in a form that you can easily modify (.doc) to suit your own needs.

Teacher Facilitated Lessons for Angles

PDF Format
WORD (.doc) Format
Teaching Tessellations through Art: (Objective #16)Students engage in an art activity that is based in the tessellation of polygons. Because of the size of the file, it is suggested you print a single copy and then photocopy the handouts.

Understanding and Creating Scale Polygons - (Objectives 19, 20)this activity reviews the concept of scale and asks the students to both determine the scale between objects and to construct similar polygons. The printable materials include overheads and a student activity. Accompanying it are 2 optional PowerPoint files and the Flash file found in the Flash objects section of this site. You may download the PowerPoint shows by right clicking on the link and choosing Save Target As.

Creating Similar Polygons - (Object 19)a discovery activity using mulitple copies of the polygon. Students through guided questions discover how to make similar copies to the original. They can then deduce that using 4 copies they are able to make identical, except for size, copies of the original polygons. This link opens up in a new window.