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Saskatchewan Learning Resource Packs are collections of activities that were designed by expert math teachers. These activities involve a number of different instructional strategies and they encourage students to understand mathematical concepts at higher levels. Often students will "discover" certain rules by completing an activity, or they will learn first hand when one type of graph or chart may work better than another. The activities may include use of math manipulatives (both common manipulatives and not so common manipulatives), centres and so forth.

These resource packs are full of very useful information and are the handouts given to attendees of any of the Math Workshops given by Saskatchewan Learning.

These files are available to you in both the WORD (.doc) and PDF format so that you can take the activity "as is" (PDF) or take it in a form that you can easily modify (.doc)to suit your own needs.

Saskatchewan Learning Resource Packs for Geometry & Measurement

Title of Document
PDF Format
Word (.doc)
  • Transforming Transformations - students create instructions that will transform a trapezoid
  • Transformational Geometry - information for teachers - can be used as an overhead.
  • Translate a Figure - student activity
  • Symbols Used in Translation - student activity
  • Illustrating Horizontal, Vertical and Oblique Slides / Translations - Teacher Facilitated Activity
  • Rotations - Teacher Information
  • Rotations on Grid/Dot Paper - student activity
  • Rotation Questions (centre or rotation) - student activity
  • Exploring Lines Connecting Reflection Objects & Images - Student Activity
  • Connecting the Object to the Image(s) - Student Activity
  • Reflections - Teacher Information
  • Reflection Activities for Students (MIRA)
  • Reflections - Getting to know the MIRA - student activity
  • Centre of Rotation - student activity
  • Translate a Shape - (Reflect/Rotate) - student activity
  • Sort the Alphabet: Exploring Symmetry - student activity
  • Symmetry in Regular Polygons - student activity



  • Irregular Polygons - student activity
  • Translation Questions - student activity



  • Translation Basics - teacher overhead



  • Transforming Your world - student activity



  • Tessellating Ideas - student activity



  • Which Ones Tessellate - student activity



  • What Happens When You Rotate an Object - student activity



  • What are Translations - teacher facilitated demonstration



  • Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland - angles and lines using a story as the basis for discussion - teacher led
  • Angles and patterns in fraction blocks - student activity
  • String Art activity using Geoboards - employs MIRA
  • Complementary and Supplementary Angles – Introduction
  • Complementary and Supplementary Angles - card game
  • Adjacent Angles - concept attainment activity where students view exemplars and attempt to draw conclusions from further examples. Copies of images are included.
  • Using maps to teacher parallel lines, perpendicular lines and transversals
  • Transversal lines - a pair group activity with handouts. Complexity can be adjusted to match the grade level of the students.
  • Parallel lines and angles challenge - problem solving activity with visuals
  • Tessellations to find the Sum of Angles - teacher led using an overhead
  • Construction with paper folding, MIRA and straight edge