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What is a Flash Learning Object?
Flash Learning Objects are learning activities or movies created in a program called Flash. These Learning Objects require a Flash Player for viewing. Some of the Flash Learning Objects may include some aspects of interactivity, while others may run more like a movie that students watch to gain an understanding of a particular concept.

Flash Learning Objects for Space Geometry

  • Art Slideshow- This Flash movie is essentially a slide show of art projects completed using only polyhedrons. It serves as an illustration of what students might wish to create. This slideshow accompanies a teacher facilitated lesson which encourages understanding through math. More examples are artwork are available here.
  • Extended Tutorial - this movie presents an overview of many of the basic concepts found in the introduction of space geometry. Users interact with the material while reviewing key terms and shapes. Two files exist. The first includes sound with a volume control. This is the preferred presentation but its size makes it inappropriate for dial-up connections. The second uses little sound and will work fine in dial-up situations.
  • Space Geometry Quiz - a short test of the main concepts taught in grades 6 & 7. Polyhedron recognition, Euler's formula and nets are among the areas queried.