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What is an Online Learning Activity?
Online Learning Activities are activities that are completed while on the computer. These activities include games, interactive tools, web quests, research and discovery learning activities. For proper viewing, some of these activities may require plug-ins (Flash, Quicktime, etc). Students may require notebooks and pencils to record information as they "discover it" online.

Online Learning Activities for Space Geometry

  • Polyhedra - this site offers a clear description of many types of polyhedra.
  • This excellent online activity allows students to explore the properties of polyhedrons. The activity has several sections which allow the students to progress in their understandings.
  • Investigating 3d shapes - this activity is part online/part paper based. It is a more extensive version of the link above. It offers a nice run through the properties that make up polyhedrons. Use both links. The first takes you to the online portion, the second to a print out that accompanies it. NB. The paper component is 5 pages long and includes a net construction activity.
  • Spacial Reasoning - the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has created a series of activities that walk the student through a deeper investigation of the properties of 3d objects. All aspects can be performed online but some materials can be downloaded in both teacher and student versions.
  • Visual Index - this site offers visual examples and characteristics of dozens of polyhedra. It's scope is well beyond that of the 6-9 math program yet it can function as a valuable resource.