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These resources require the plug in Flash Player 6 for viewing. Some of these movies may require you to interact (i.e. answer a question, click a button, drag and drop and item) with the content as the movie is played. These movies were designed to give you an overall introduction to particular topics of mathematical study. Many of these movies have sound associated with them so you will need to make sure the volume is turned up on your computer.

  • Polygons Module - This Flash movie walks you through some of the important concepts related to the description and characteristics of polygons. Everything from triangles to octagons are covered. You can move back and forth through the material and skip areas that you already understand.
    • Dial-up version - limited sound best suited to slower connections. It can be used with slower connections but will take some time to load.
    • Full version - this movie includes speech and a volume control. It is best suited to faster connections.
  • Drawing Similar Polygons - This movie reviews the ideas behind scale and shows you step by step how you can create a similar polygon from an original.