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How Can I Use This Wesbite?

This website was designed as a math resource to assist parents and teachers with helping students acquire a strong understanding of various math concepts taught in the early grades. How one goes about using the site is a personal choice, but we have outline several suggestions below for teachers. Parents can find more information at Just for Parents.

Teachers: For use in the classroom

Math Centres | Extension-Enrichment-Support | Using a Digital Projector | Lab Environment |Parent Resource

Math Centres

This site can be used in the classroom as a computer station (a great way to use the classroom computer or mini lab). Consider setting up a centre based approach to learning a new concept. Set up stations with various activities that students rotate through.

    • For example:
      • Station 1: Print off one of our game boards for use at this centre or create your own.
      • Station 2: Using flash cards, have students lay 30 face up in a row. Students start at one end, roll a dice, move the number on the dice forward, solve the flash card (if correct they stay there, if not, back to start). The first one to the end wins.
      • Station 3: Use our connection to literature lists in a reading centre. Consider adding math journal here as well and have students write a response to the book or an explanation of what math concept was covered in the literature.
      • Station 4: Manipulatives - have students create and solve problems using manipulatives.
      • Station 5: Computer - Have the students use any of the online activites (for the concept you are studying) at the computer station or access to virtual manipulatives and exploration activities.

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Extension / Enrichment / Support

If you have students who are completed assigned work and ask, "Now what can I do?" Send them to the site to explore math related activities. Also, consider printing off some of our resources to have on hand for the child who needs enrichment or extra work to master the concept and understanding.

Using a Digital Projector

  • Don't forget that if you have a computer and a digital projector, you can use the virtual manipulatives (fraction colouring, pattern exploration) projected on the screen to demonstrate how to use "real" manipulatives. This is a great way to have students test drive the technology and aspects of the resources. You can also do activities as an entire class. With a few minutes left to spare you could use a virtual board game like the Candy Stand to go head to head with your students (teacher vs. students).

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Using a Computer Lab

  • You can walk your students through any aspect of the site as an entire class in a lab environment. Also, consider using care partners to assist with this type of activity.

As a Parent Resource

When parents are asking for assistance with resources for home, direct them to this website! (Great for a sick child, a traveling child, and so forth). Also, you can highlight specific links to direct activities (ie: the activites on fractions, or addition, the lists of literature) by listing the link in classroom newsletters. If students are traveling, they can access these resources from anywhere with an internet connection!



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