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Navigating the Research Highway:
Everything You Need to Know About Doing Research
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Final Product
Thesis  Statement
Essay Planning
Note Taking/
 Recording  Information
Referencing  Sources
Criteria for  Evaluating  Sources

Processing Information

How Do I Put It All Together?

At this point, you need to sort, sift, and arrange all your information to prepare a rough draft from your jot notes. Here area a few questions to help you review and organize your jot notes:

______ am I making connections among ideas?

______ are all my details connected to my research question?

______ have I organized my information in an order suitable for my format?

______ do I need to gather more information?

______ do I need to rearrange my information?

______ does my information fit "the big picture", that is, have I responded appropriately to my research question?

You are now ready to revise, edit, and proof your work.


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