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  • If a word looks misspelled, sound it out, check the dictionary, or ask a peer.
  • Does each sentence end with a punctuation mark? Does each sentences have subject-verb agreement?
  • Are coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, so, etc.) in compound sentences preceded by a comma? Have you used commas to set off items listed in a series, after introductory clauses, etc.?
  • Have you used apostrophes to show possession or to mark contractions?
  • Is all dialogue or written conversation properly punctuated?
  • Check for proper capitalization.
  • Have you misused any of the commonly mixed pairs of words: there/their/they're; accept/except; your/you're, etc.
  • Have you used any sentences fragments, run-ons, or rambling sentences?
  • Have you chosen a creative and appropriate title?
  • Is your name and date on the paper?

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