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This site was designed and created by Robert Fedorak, a teacher with the Saskatoon Public School Division, as a project funded by Saskatchewan Learning.

Photos on this site were taken by the author and full permission for their use is granted. Additional graphics on this site were purchased from and used in accordance with the membership agreements.

Special Thanks To:

Saskatchewan Learning Technology Unit:
Sue Amundrud - Director
Jim McLeod - Online Learning Consultant
Karen Henderson - Web-Based Resource Development Consultant

Saskatchewan Learning Curriculum Consultant
Dean Elliott

Saskatoon Public School Division:
Hugh Kurz– Superintendent of Technology and Communications
Kim Newlove– Curriculum & Instruction Coordinator
Judy Byers - Project Consultant: Distance Education
Donna Veale - Project Leader: Online Learning & Lead Teacher: Online Learning
Jennifer Berthelot - Lead Teacher: Distance Education

Additional Materials
Terry Graham - Nutana Collegiate, Saskatoon
Bill Mantyka - Evan Hardy Collegiate, Saskatoon
Jill Carol - Evan Hardy Collegiate, Saskatoon

Additional materials have been provided by the teachers listed above. Permission for use and modification has been granted.

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