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Reflection in a Plane Mirror

You want to buy a full-length mirror for your bedroom so you can see your entire body as you put on your best clothes. How big should the mirror be? In this module you will find online and offline activities, diagrams, animations and applications of plane mirrors. As you examine the activities for reflection in a plane mirror, you will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to answer the opening question on buying a full-length mirror.

Foundational Objectives & Factors of Scientific Literacy

More Foundational Objectives and CELS

Learning Outcomes

Laws of Reflection
Finding Images
Characteristics of Images
Two mirrors at Right Angles
Images in a Simple Periscope
Applications of Plane Mirrors

computer online iconOnline Activities
Specular & Diffuse Reflection
Images In a Mirror
Mirror Game
What Portion of a Mirror

offline iconOffline Activity
Protractor Practice - PDF or Doc or RTF
Protractor Practice Answers - PDF
Mirror Race - PDF or Doc or RTF


assignment icon Assignments
Reflection Assignment #1 - PDF or Doc or RTF
Reflection Assignment #2 - PDF or Doc or RTF
Two Mirror Assignment - PDF or Doc or RTF

assessment icon Assessment

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