Art Ideas for Teachers

So, it's Monday morning and you are looking for an art activity for your students to do this week. Don't despair - here are some web sites full of ideas and samples that may help you out. Included are links to videos available for purchase.

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Kinder-Art - the largest collection of free art lessons on the Internet. It began in 1996 as a few helpful ideas for teachers and parents, but has since grown into an enormous collection of resources featuring over 800 free lesson plans.

Art Ideas for Primary Teachers - links to (and descriptions of) Art ideas for primary teachers

Art Attacks - Site has creative art ideas for primary children



Learning to Think Artistically - A growing online page of ideas, innovation, and inspiration for teachers. This is a huge site with a lot of links to how to plan art lessons, actual lesson plans, drawing instruction, etc.

Arts-Edge Lessons - from the Kennedy Centre come these banks of lesson plan links arranged by grade level. ARTSEDGE empowers educators to teach in, through, and about the arts by providing the tools to develop interdisciplinary curricula that fully integrate the visual arts with other academic subjects.

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The Incredible Art Department - Incredible online resources compiled by Judy Decker "Caring and Sharing the Arts for 2004". This single web site should satisfy the needs of most teachers.

Elementary Art Lesson Plans - What to do on Monday morning
with 25 students staring at you!

Teaching Treasures - Artistic Ideas and Projects - Art ideas for students from kindergarten to grade seven

Art Edventures - Art products and resources for creative individuals from beginner to advanced

The Basic Art Lessons Site Lesson Plans - Simple and straight forward lessons for middle years students. Topics include: Pencil, Black Pen Drawing Lessons, Adding Coloured Marker, Collage, Mixing Paint, and Art History.

Lesson Plans - Looking for ideas to use in the classroom? Give some of these elementary through junior high lesson plans a try!

Art Lesson Plans 1- from the UK's most popular education website comes this site in progress. Complete lesson plans and worksheets in art can be found here. Simply click on a subject and you will automatically be taken to the correct page.

Art Lesson Plans 2 - from The Teacher's Guide Web Site come these ready to use lesson plans for grades K-12

The Incredible Art Department - Art Lessons/Games - Art lessons and ideas for teachers including online activities for kids, lesson plans, and professional development

Art Teaching Ideas - from Teach-nology comes this wealth of art ideas submitted by teachers in the field.

Art Lesson Plans, Ideas, and Activities - This site contains a great selection of art ideas and allows teachers to choose their grade level first.

Favorite Lessons - Art Teacher's Web Pages - a wonderful site containing hundreds of art ideas for all age levels. An added bonus are the sections on art games, drama and art, and free-time art activities.

from Education World, here are four great links:

Visual Art Lesson Plans - from Teach-nology come these well-explained and illustrated art visual art lesson plans for all ages

Everyday Art for Kids - resources for teaching art, including classroom art projects for kids and guidelines for class discussion. These children's art lessons are open ended to stimulate creativity, and are flexible enough to work with a wide range of ages and abilities

Art Teacher on the Net - contains free art project ideas for your classroom. Simply click on the small chalkboards at the bottom of the page.

Art Links - Here are ten websites along with a "surprise" website that you'll enjoy exploring.

Art Lesson Plans and Resources - a large bank of lesson plans and resources for k-12

The Color Pencil Challenge - Lessons from the Experts - this site contains color pencil information for teachers designed to aid teachers in the classroom. These lessons are created in a printable format with easy-to-understand instructions, so every student can follow along.

The Getty's Art Education Web Site - This section of artsednet includes a variety of teaching and learning materials, including many art images sorted by grade level.


Famous Arts Collection - A great site for teaching Art Appreciation. With a digital projector hooked up to the internet, these pictures can be enlarged to full screen size for use with children.

Explore Art - if you're teaching art appreciation, this may be the site for you. Contains a time-line of famous art masters as well as individual lesson plans for each of them.

Art Appreciation Activities - To know art is to appreciate its beauty. Here are activities for k-8 to helpstudents learn art appreciation by looking closely and by bringing out the artist in each of them.

Art Appreciation Internet Resources - great internet resources for teaching art appreciation to all ages

Video Resources

Video Art Lessons For Children - Donna Hugh, an art teacher, demonstrates how easy it is to produce beautiful and satisfying works of art using simple, inexpensive materials. Each lesson is complete in itself, and the lessons may be used in any order.

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