How To Use Websites With Young Children

The websites suggested in this resource have been selected because they do not contain pop up advertising or complicated instructions and steps. In many case, narration provides students with assistance in terms of understanding what to do to begin and what to do when they get stuck. Having said that, it is still important to model to the students what is expected of them at the computer for various activities. Students should also be familiar with some simple navigational symbols and words. For example, consider posting by the computer that the word NEXT means go ahead (use an arrow as a reminder), or that START means begin or GO. Since these young children are just beginning to read, a few simple reminders will help them become successful on the computer.

Other tips for using these sites with children:

  • Model the game or activity for the entire group to watch. When the first group (group 1) is on the computer, be on hand to assist them. Have one of the students stay behind to help the next group (group 2). When group 2 is done, have one of them stay behind to help group 3 and so forth. students will enjoy being the expert for the next group.
  • Make use of parent volunteers! These games are simple enough that even the technologically terrified parent can assist little ones in the basic instructions. Then parents can sit back and help at any snags the little ones may encounter.
  • Teacher Associates are also a great resources when setting up computer stations or time in the classroom.
  • Consider Care Partners as an option when you feel additional help will be required for some or all students. This allows the partners to spend some special time together doing something new.
  • These sites are perfect for students to work on at home with perhaps a little parental assistance, just be certain to link directly to the activity you want the children to compete so they don't get lost in cyberspace!
  • Also, consider using your computer as a centre. Provide activities in other centres (like a math worksheet or craft, counting objects, practicing their numbers, etc) that students can do independently and this can free you up to spend more time with the children on the computer.

Please submit your tips and or site suggestions to to see them added here for others to enjoy!

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