The Olympics

"Citius, Altius, Fortius"
Swifter, Higher, Stronger

This page is devoted to The Olympic Games where the world's greatest athletes gather around the world to represent their countries. The Olympic Games create a wonderful opportunity to teach our students in unique and interesting ways.

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Vancouver 2010

  • Getting Ready For the Winter Olympics:
  • Vancouver 2010 - The official site of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Information on the XXI Olympic Winter Games which take place from the 12th to 28th February, 2010.
  • The Olympic Torch Relay - Follow the progress of the Olympic Flame as it makes its way around Canada
  • CBC | Road to the Games- The count down in on! Current Olympic Sports Headlines, Photo Galleries, Athlete Blogs, ….They are all covered in this current CBC Olympics site, along with athlete bios and photos, event schedules and more. Follow CBC British Columbia on Twitter.
  • CTV Olympics - Check out Canadian Athlete & Team News, Videos, Photos, Games History and much more! Follow CTVOlympics on Twitter, too.
  • Canadian Olympic School Program (Available in French and English) - This resource designed to inspire Canadian students to become Smarter, Better and Stronger. The Canadian Olympic School Program aligns lesson plans with information about the Olympic Games and the achievements of Canadian athletes. By calculating hockey goaltender Kim St-Pierre’s goals-against-average, students will learn to handle and manipulate decimals through a real-world application. And by reading about freestyle skiing aerialist Jeff Bean's flights down the mountainside, students will identify a theme in a piece of reading. The lessons are geared to Grades Four to Six, and cover elements of reading, math and physical education that are common to provincial requirements across the country. Enrollment is required for these free resources.
  • Sharing the Dream (from Ministry of Education B.C.) - Search the collection of lesson ideas related to Vancouver 2010.
  • Winter Olympic Wordsearch - Print out copies of this Winter Olympics student worksheet to review many of the winter sports athletes will be participating in this February.
  • Winter Olympic Printables from - Acrostic poem, KWL, Research activity and lots more!
  • 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games - To get students ready for this special event, Education World offers more than two dozen Olympics-sized classroom activities to help creative teachers capitalize on this ultimate "teachable moment."
  • The Winter Olympics at InfoPlease - An excellent research resource for projects on the 2010 Olympics. Includes information on winter Olympic sports
  • The Olympic Games - From Enchanted Learning. Lots of information and activities here!
  • Vancouver Olympic Cyberhunt

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Olympic History

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Lesson Plans

  • Official Olympic Lesson Plans
    Are you looking for Olympic-themed lesson plans to use in your classroom? Search no further! Look below for official Olympic lesson plans developed by Griffin Publishing Group and EdGate.
  • MORE Olympic Games Lesson Plans - Let the Games Begin - Let the Learning Begin! - from the Games in Torino, Italy
  • Olympic World themed lesson plans - presented by EdGate and Griffin Publishing.
  • The Olympics Across The Curriculum
    Eventhough these resources were developed around the time of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, and you can find several learning resources to explore the theme in this teaching guide. Try mapping exercises, creating your own reading olympics, learning about mythology, responding through writing exercises, and more--very creative suggestions here.
  • A Measure of Greatness - Lesson plan from Education World in which students participate in a variety of Olympic-type activities involving measurement.
  • Science and the Olympics - From the WhyFiles.
  • AIMS Activities – Activities Integrating Mathematics and Science On the Olympics...These are in .pdf format (need Acrobat Reader)
    • Classroom Olympics - provides a set of activities in which students participate in several classroom "Olympic-type" events where they will apply measurement skills. Grade K-3.
    • Water Olympics - is a series of four activities that deal with some of the properties of water. The activities are short and may be done one at a time or all together in an "olympic" format. The activities can be used as an introduction to a water unit.
    • Mini-Metric Olympics - is a set of activities in which students become familiar with metric units by estimating and measuring in a "Metric Olympic" setting. Grade 3-6

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Other Resources

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