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The Wonder City Photo Gallery: We have collected and taken over one thousand pictures of Saskatoon! Many of these images would be perfect to pair up with a writing activity. Pay special attention to scenic and seasonal images to use as inspiration for a creative writing activity.
Saskatoon From a Hot Air Balloon - Take a look as Saskatoon and surrounding areas from a Hot Air Balloon! Can you see the graveyard, the cows, the airport and the ducks on the ponds? Can you identify your community? Click into our Cyber Safari to see Saskatoon as you may never have seen it!
  • City of Saskatoon - A Sporting Proposition - Images from the Archives 2002 Calendar.
  • A View from Above - Saskatoon, September 5, 1941. World War II: An intruder, flying up from a secret base far to the south, invades Saskatoon air space on a low-level reconnaissance mission.
  • Putting Out Fires - An exhibition of fire apparatus in the first half of the 20th Century including histories of various fire equipment companies and the City of Saskatoon Fire Department.
  • Historical Saskatoon - Gallery Section. A few shots of the river area and historical buildings in the Nutana area.





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