Virtual Tours

Saskatoon Driving Tour - OK - so you don't get to drive, and you won't be in a car but you can pretend you are because we were when we took all the pictures. So, buckle up and drive safely as you navigate through various parts of our glorious city. Sound to be added as soon as possible.

  • Play Multi-Q - A Question & Answer Review Game for “Saskatoon Driving Tour." The game show format is in PowerPoint and is similar to Jeopardy.

Broadway: Through Boom and Bust and Back Again
Edited by Elaine DeCoursey & Peggy Sarjeant

Interactive Tour of Saskatoon - Visit historical sights and buildings in Saskatoon answering questions as you go. A Tour Guide provides narration and instruction.

Saskatoon Outdoor Gallery - A QuickTime virtual tour of City of Saskatoon Permanent Sculpture Collection
Copyright (c) Created in Partnership by Saskatoon Public Schools, Saskatoon Catholic Schools and the City of Saskatoon.