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SCIENCE - The Science Curriculum is being aligned with Pan Canadian Science Topics. Watch for updates in the connections to curriculum below.

This page is not arranged by grade level but by theme.

Meewasin Meanderings - Poking Around in Parks and Playgrounds: Get your kids outside and look at shadows, snails, butterflies, flowers, rain, trees, clouds, animals, and plants ....still under construction but lots here already!

The River Runs Through It - This website was designed to provide a place to house links and resources related to the South Saskatchewan River and surrounding areas of water (ponds, slough, wetlands, etc). We have provided links to Saskatchewan Curriculum Links to enable connections to be made between the resources provided or linked to on this site and the Curriculum Objectives.
Meewasin's Saskatoon Natural Grasslands Eco Education Guide 26M THIS IS A HUGE FILE. Please only print the sections you require as the document is 286 pages in length. To do this, when you send the document to the printer, indicate the page range you would like to print BEFORE hitting send.
Natural Resources: (Grade 4 - 12) SASKENERGY has three lessons for teaching about Natural Gas. The site also has some printable "fun stuff."
Environmental Awareness: Saskatoon Rebus - (Primary Grades) This 3 page story of a walk down by the Bessborough introduces students to what they might hear and see if they went on the walk themselves. This activity is also available in an online version.

Pelicans - They visit our river every year. Learn more!! (Additional themes: Eco-system - river; Birds - migration - Pelicans; Animals - wild and tame; Seasons)

  • Novel - Pelly by Glaze, Dave. Coteau Books, 1993.
    ISBN 1-55050-049-X

    Sandra must move from Big River to Saskatoon with her Dad. She is very lonely until she finds the riverbank area close to her apartment. There as she explores the river she befriends a pelican. Sandra begins to meet people as she tries to help Pelly survive the harsh winter ahead.
    Reading Level grades 5-7.
  • Visit Dave's website for teaching suggestions.
  • Watch Meewasin Valley's Pelican Movie. (11 minutes) PC only.
Saskatoon - City of Bridges - This site contains Meewasin's Bridge Tales presentation (22 minutes), a structure and design webquest, links to an art module teaching perspective using our bridges as an instructional tool, student activities and teacher resources. This site may be of interest to anyone teaching about structure and design or the history and evolution of Saskatoon.
Structures and Design - This website was designed after studying the concepts of Saskatchewan Education's grade 7 science unit on Structures and Designs.




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