Dear Sweetie,

     I have to leave on a trip and I need someone to look after my pet dinosaurs. I've put each dinosaur in its own cage for safe keeping, but they will need a home very soon. They would be happier in their own habitat so I need you to design a Dinosaur Zoo for them.

    Do you remember the last time that we visited? You told me that you were studying about dinosaurs at school. Please ask your teacher if your class can help you find information about each of my dinosaurs. I've got quite a collection of these critters, so if everyone could learn about just one dinosaur, you could get the job done more quickly.

    The construction crew will begin work as soon as you've completed the plans. Please hurry, the sooner we can put my pets in their own habitat, the healthier and happier they will be. I'll see you in a few days.

Aunt Dinah Sor

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