Name of each astronaut on the crew to planet _________________:

_________________, _________________ and ________________.

We designed a patch for our mission. _____

We printed out the Data Collection Sheets. _____

We completed the Data Collection Sheets by collecting information from web sites and other resources about our planet. _____

We used jot notes on our Data Collection Sheets. _____

We wrote a paragraph about our planet for our cyber postcard. ______

We used complete sentences, correct punctuation and capital letters. _____

We had a peer conference to edit our rough draft. _____

We had a conference with Mission Control. _____

We sent and printed out our cyber postcard. _____

We practised a presentation for the debriefing session on Earth. _____

While presenting, we remembered to:
_____use a loud, clear voice. 
_____hold the report away from our faces.
_____hold the report still while speaking .
_____look at the audience.

We signed our names on all our papers and stapled them together. _____

We have handed in our final report to Mission Control to be evaluated. _____