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September,  2008                             Issue  1    



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Search the OLC Website by grade level, theme or key word! Use the Google Search on our main page or the Online Resources page to locate resources quickly and easily.




 Instructional Strategies - Looking for information and resources on various strategies? This site contains a list of instructional strategies, valuable links, resources, downloads and more. Highlighted: KWL, Literature Circles, Guided Reading, Story Mapping, Book Talks, and more.

Pieces of the Puzzle – Information and resources on Assessment and Evaluation, Rubrics, Portfolios, and Performance Assessments.


Web-Based Resource Development - These Web-Based Resources have been developed by classroom teachers from various school divisions, working with help from Saskatchewan Learning as part of the Web-Based Learning Resource Development (WBLRD) initiative. This initiative was funded by the eLearning Advisory Committee of the Saskatchewan Educational Technology Consortium. Resource development was supported by Saskatchewan Learning. The majority of the resources support instruction using Saskatchewan K-12 curricula. A number of the resources have been developed to support teacher professional development. There are both English-language and French-language resources available. The WBLRD resources may be used "as is", but teachers are encouraged to download the resources and make modifications to them to meet specific instructional needs. We encourage you to have a quick look at the resources as they are based on Saskatchewan Curriculum objectives and they are ready for immediate use in the classroom! 

Psychology Portal - Web-based resources to support the Psychology 20 and 30 curriculum.

September Resources - Great lesson plans and ideas to get everyone off to a good start. Check back often as more resources will be added throughout the month.



Suggestions for Using The Resources in the Classroom:


  • Consider using a digital projector to project the multimedia items for entire class viewing (Flash movies, interactive tours, graphing activities, etc).
  • Many of the sites have printable resources for students and teacher facilitated lesson plans.
  • Send home website addresses connected to your classroom topics in your newsletters or list them on your classroom websites. Parents and students can explore the sites from home.
  • Consider assigning websites for additional practice, a place to begin research, or as an enrichment activity. 
  • Use online resources as CARE partner activities.



Web Sites for Teachers and Students




If you would like to contribute websites, lesson plans or ideas on how you have used

online resources in your classroom, send your ideas to byersj@spsd.sk.ca

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