January,  2011                             Issue  5    


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January Resources - Winter's snow and chilly temperatures offer a teachable moment that should not be missed. The lessons and resources on this page are meant to help all educators bring the wonder of winter into their classrooms!


Multi - Q - Play the Question & Answer Review Game for “Canada." The game show format is in PowerPoint and is similar to Jeopardy. Open the link to play the quiz or right click on the link to save the presentation on your computer for any modifications you wish to make.

Jeopardy Saskatchewan (English) or Jeopardy Saskatchewan (French version). Open the link to play the quiz or right click on the link to save the presentation on your computer for any modifications you wish to make.

Romeo and Juliet Jeopardy Game - A quick review of Shakespeare's life, figurative language, and quotes/events from the play.

PowerPoint Game Show Templates - A PowerPoint Game Show can be an excellent tool to use in the classroom to review and/or learn new content.  Students seem to love it because it’s exciting and is a non-traditional teaching technique. You don’t have to invent your own PowerPoint presentation.  It is easier than you think as there are many Game Show templates that are freely available for downloading. To download a template, right click on a .ppt link, click on “Save Target As…”, save in on your computer and then open it up in PowerPoint to insert your own questions and answers.


 Here are some templates that  have been used successfully:



Doing a search for PowerPoint Game Show Templates will yield you many more examples! Have fun!


  • Consider using a digital projector to project the multimedia items for entire class viewing (Flash movies, interactive tours, graphing activities, etc).
  • Many of the sites have printable resources for students and teacher facilitated lesson plans.
  • Send home website addresses connected to your classroom topics in your newsletters or list them on your classroom websites. Parents and students can explore the sites from home.
  • Use online resources as CARE partner activities.



Web Sites for Teachers and Students



·         Curriculum Resources:

o    Curriculum Websites organized by Grade Level and then by Subject - Math, ELA, Other Subjects (From Good Spirit School Division, SK)

§  Check out their Math Videos – focusing on problem solving

o    Learning Centre from Horizon School Division, SK – Check out their Math Websites categorized by Grade Level from Kindergarten to Gr. 9.


·         Cure What Ails You: A Dose of Twitter for Every Day of the School Year  - A wonderful presentation on Twitter from Kathy Schrock.

·         Nine great reasons why teachers should use Twitter - What’s the point of Twitter? Why should educators get involved? What difference does using Twitter make? Here are some answers that you might like to share.

·         E-books for Educators from Edtech - Three e-books for educators: The Beginner's Guide to 21st Century Teaching and Learning, Podcast Made Simple, and 3 Professional Learning Networks Every Educator Should Build

·         The Super Book of Web Tools for Educators – Another free book to download.

·         Glossopedia - A multimedia online interactive encyclopedia, connecting kids to the world by supporting discovery of nature, animals, science, and culture.

·         PBS Digital Learning Library for K-12 – A repository of digital media learning objects, including videos, images, interactives, audios and documents.  Organized by grade and subject.

·         Project Explorer - Provides students with access to peoples and places they may never have seen or knew existed through online film series, photos, travel blogs, and much more!

  • Talking, Writing, and Reasoning: Making Thinking Visible with Math Journals – Have students explore problem-solving in ways that encourage them to apply, extend, and adapt their strategies to new situations.
  • mathFROG - Fun Resources & Online Games for Grades 4-6 students, teachers and parents
  • Geological Survey of Canada, Educational Video Series - All 43 GSC educational videos, which include topics from minerals to plate tectonics to glaciation, are now available online to view or download (formats available are mp4 and swf).  Most are available in French and English. Note: they do take some time to download.
  • Canadian History – To promote the study of Canadian history.
  • Teacher Training Videos - Videos created for teachers to help them to incorporate technology into their teaching. How to use various tools like podcasts, Youtube, Delicious, Audacity, blogs, PowerPoint, and web searching!
  • ReadWriteThink  - This website offers lessons and resources developed by the International Reading Association and The National Council of Teachers of English.
  • Illuminations - Resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics – from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics



If you would like to contribute websites, lesson plans or ideas on how you have used

online resources in your classroom, send your ideas to byersj@spsd.sk.ca

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