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Online Resources for Students & Teachers
The following is a list of links to online activities, modules, and various resources to assist teachers in their planning and students in their learning of curriculum objectives.

Elementary | Middle Years | Secondary

Kindergarten Themed Resources - This site was designed to provide Saskatoon Public School Division's kindergarten teachers with thematic resources that can be used in planning kindergarten themes. There is also a companion site for Just for Kids.
Math Resources K-3: Welcome to Math Resources. This site has been developed to assist teachers, students and parents with the instruction and attainment of mathematical concepts taught in the early grades. The site features mental math strategies, online activities for various concepts (a great companion for the Nelson math Program), printable activities and virtual math manipulatives. There is also an FAQ for the new Nelson math program.
Grade 4 - Social Studies Identity Unit - Jeopardy-style Game PowerPoint presentation - Jeopardy Saskatchewan (English) or Jeopardy Saskatchewan (French version). Open the link to play the quiz or right click on the link to save the presentation on your computer for any modifications you wish to make.
Grade 4 - Social Studies Heritage Unit - Module Two - Fur Traders - Three web-based lessons
Saskatoon Turns 100: Resources for Teachers & Resources for Kids
Historical Saskatoon - This site contains an interactive tour of Historical Nutana, teacher resources, photo gallery and online kit. Activities listed in this site are suitable for Grades 1-4. The site will continue to grow as resources become available for posting.
Grade 4 - Social Studies Identity Unit - Module One and Two -"Come Visit Saskatchewan" WebQuest
Search Saskatchewan - This site contains a map of Saskatchewan that is linked to various Saskatchewan cities and towns. Created for use as a research tool for students.
Grade 5 - Social Studies - Travel Canada - An English WebQuest for students.
Grade 5 - Social Studies - Voyage Canada - A French WebQuest for students.
Grade 5 - Social Studies - Multi-Q Canada - Question & Answer Review Game Designed for “Canada”. Jeopardy-style Game PowerPoint presentation. Open the link to play the quiz or right click on the link to save the presentation on your computer for any modifications you wish to make.
Grade 4 or 5 - Who Wants to Be a Pioneer? - A Language Arts and Social Studies WebQuest
Grades 4-6 - Stop The Hurt - An Anti-bullying WebQuest
Interactive Map of Canada - Place the provinces and their capital cities on a map of Canada.
Middle Years
Grade 6-9 Math Extensions -This website was created with two distinct audiences in mind. On the student's side, you will find flash movies that provide an overview of
particular topics/concepts, online activities, printable materials, quizzes and review material. On the teacher's side, you will find all of the activities that are on
the student side but you will also have access to Saskatchewan curriculum objectives, teacher facilitated lessons and additional background information that will assist in teaching these topics of study.
Grade 7 & 8 - Forbidden City - A WebQuest for Language Arts to support the William Bell novel.
Grade 7 - Language Arts unit:The Winds of Change - Medieval Dream Webquest
Treaty Six and You - A WebQuest for Middle Years students
Media Propaganda - A WebQuest for Middle Years students in Social Studies or Lifestyles about lies, manipulation, and influence.
Simulations Projects for the Classroom - Follow this link to a description of a selection of simulations. Several have materials which are immediately available for download and implementation.
Debates in the Classroom - Here are helpful online materials for employing debating as a teaching method. Included are a teacher guide, a student FAQ, rubrics and suggested topics from middle years Social Studies.
Mapping Activities - A series of three interactive, Flash based activities helping students understand how gridlines aid us in finding locations on maps. The activities include an introduction to grid lines, a grid based tour of Saskatoon and latitude/longitude on a world map.
Aboriginal News Media WebQuest - Using Aboriginal Media Sources to enhance
History or Aboriginal Studies - Grades 10, 11, & 12
Accounting 10 - A variety of activities and resources to aid in the teaching of Accounting 10
Accounting 30 - lessons and resources with sections for teachers and students
Accounting 30 - Professional Accounting Organizations - A WebQuest for Senior Accounting Students
Computer Science 30 - Resources to support teachers/students in Computer Science 30.
Creative Writing 30 - Resources to support CW30.
ELA A 30 - Canadian Voices and Perspectives - This is a resource for use with ELA A 30 and it is organized into two units: Diverse Landscapes and Peoples and Diverse Voices.These two units are subdivided into six themes: A Vast and Varied Land, Nature and the Seasons, Canadian Identity and Diversity, Regional Perspectives: The Prairie, Voices Through Time, and Aboriginal Voices. This resource has been modified and some lessons require that teachers create questions based on the literature being studied as the origionals were not available for inclusion with this resource. Use one portion or several to meet your instructional needs.
English Language Arts B30 - Links and information on required units. Sample unit/lesson plans as well as numerous resource related links to support course content.
ForestQuest - A WebQuest for Grade 9 students on Forest Biodiversity.
History 20 - module plans, lessons plans, lessons, activities, learning objects and assessment instruments.
Journalism Studies 20 - On-line Resources for Journalism Available: Resources for Teachers and Students
Math 20 - resource materials created to provide additional web resources to support the Math 20 resources currently available at the Central iSchool.
Math A30 - Unit resources, review materials, video lessons and projects and activities 
Native Studies 30 - Native Studies 30 - module plans, lessons plans, lessons, activities, learning objects and assessment instruments.
Physics 20 - assignments, flash demonstrations, links to physics applets, and many other resources that support the Saskatchewan Learning Physics 20 Curriculum.
Social Studies 9 - original resources developed by teachers from Notre Dame College- some resources modified by teachers from our school division.
Visual Art 10, 20, 30 - online teacher and student learning materials to supplement and/or enhance the existing Visual Arts curricula.

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