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How Do Students Learn?

When you are deciding how you would like to present your course content, think about the different ways students learn online. Could you learn in the same manner that you are expecting them to learn? Are there alternative methods to explain the same content?

Below are some examples on how we learn and how these methods can be transferred to an online learning environment.

We learn by....

Online Examples

Listening to lectures, interviews,
speeches, stories and discussions
among peers and experts.

..Case studies
..Online conferences
..Audio interviews
..Instructor commentary

Asking for assistance and discussing ideas with peers, mentors, instructors and other subject matter experts. ..Mentoring in Chat/Email
..Collaborative Breakout Rooms
Reading course materials, related resources, etc.

..Course materials
..Instructor's lecture notes

..Web resources
..PowerPoint slides

Seeing presentations, demonstrations, and examples

..Computer applications
..Online audio clips
..Online video clips

Exploring, modeling, researching and practicing authentic learning tasks ..Online assessments
..Case studies
..Computer-based labs
..Procedural directions
..Hands-on activities


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